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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • cmake-2.6.3
    • kde-plasma-networkmanagement
    • Qt 4.5
    • recent pkg reviews
  • recent bugs:




cmake 2.6.3

  • one know package doesn't build with cmake 2.6.3 - Zorba XQuery (and is under review)
  • no more known problems as cmake is already in rawhide
  • will be pushed to stable and tagged for f9/f10 buildroots


  • not ready for general consumption but we want it in stable
  • there should be warning in package description and bodhi update that it's not ready yet

Qt 4.5 for F9/F10

  • should be bundled with KDE 4.2.2
  • we need a list of packages that need update
  • Kevin_Kofler prepare announcement to fedora-devel-announce (+licence update)
  • rdieter synced qt-copy patches

Qt bindings for Qt Script

  • package will be split to qtscriptgenerator and qtscriptibindings subpackage as it better describes its content
  • generator itself will be included (in main qtscriptgenerator package) and installed to %_qt4_bindir (as it is really generic name, so not to mess bindir)


  • Kevin_Kofler approved review
  • CVS done

Leonidas theme


(These comments are written after the meeting)