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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kdeartwork(-subpkgs) on the KDE live images (short)
    • artwork - short status
    • qt45/kde422 update status
  • recent bugs:
    • #493061: kpackagekit translations not working




kdeartwork(-subpkgs) on the KDE live images (short):

  • kdeartwork and kdeartwork-sounds were added to the live images.
  • Snapshot1 also shipped kdeartwork-kxs.
  • kdeartwork-screensavers is too big in size.

artwork - short status :

  • JaroslavReznik is working on a KSplash theme for the new artwork.
  • MartinSourada is preparing a background for KDM.
  • For F12 we should consider forking KSplashX to support more image types than PNG, e.g. JPEG.

QT 4.5 / KDE 4.2.2 - update status:

  • For Qt 4.5 there were some minor annoyances reported for psi, merkaartor crashes with QGtkStyle (needs to be looked into); qjackctl and qsynth were fixed and other issues are not known.
  • For KDE 4.2.2 there are some few issues we'll want to investigate more before pushing it to stable (eg. some remaining 100% CPU issues)

#493061: kpackagekit translations not working:

  • Kpackagekit is still unable to show translations, so we'll have to take this upstream.