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Meeting Time



  • Delta RPMS
  • F11 news: leonidas-kde-theme updates
  • KDE 4.2.3 update status
  • Qt 4.5.1 update status
  • KDE 4.2.85 status (F12 Rawhide)




Delta RPMs:

  • kpackagekit in its current version supports delta-rpms provided by yum-presto.
  • So the usual huge KDE updates would benefit from the smaller delta-rpms if enabled by default.
  • The current release decision for Fedora 11 is to not install yum-presto by default.
  • We'll stick with this decision: It's too late in the release cycle to push it on the KDE live images.

leonidas-kde-theme update:

  • The final version of leonidas-kde-theme was built and tagged today.
  • It matches the current leonidas-backgrounds (updated yesterday), adds two subpackages and re-enables labels.
  • The update should be tested by all available people.

KDE 4.2.3 update status:

  • KDE 4.2.3 is already available in updates-testing for F-9, F-10 and F-11.
  • Extragear packages for KDE 4.2.3 were built and will be submitted for updates-testing soon.
  • An update for the weather dataengine in kdebase-workspace will be backported from KDE 4.3 if testing goes fine.

Qt 4.5.1 update status:

Open discussion:

  • strigi-0.6.4-4.fc10 will be pushed to stable although it was reported to not fix [#496620] completely: smb:/// apparently still crashes, but at least the crash when checking the properties of / was fixed.
  • Importing KDE 4.2.85 in F12 was started.