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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.2.3 update status, ready for stable?
    • kde-4.2.85 (4.3beta1) status
    • Qt 4.5.1 status/blockers
    • PolicyKit 1 (as it hits rawhide soon)
  • recent bugs:




kde-4.2.85 (4.3beta1) status

  • than is going to remove conditionals Fedora<10 as we won't ship 4.3 for F-9 (eol soon)
  • kdebinding
    • if 4.2.85 doesn't build, 4.2.86 will be build instead
    • other packages will stay 4.2.85 (we'd need to relax the BRs)
  • we're not planning to build snapshots regurally
  • ltinkl is working on kde-l10n (rdieter is discriminated)

kde-4.2.3 update status, ready for stable

  • Fedora 11
    • 4.2.3 as 0-day update to avoid possible problems as it's not well tested
  • Fedora 9 & 10
    • queued for stable

Qt 4.5.1 status/blockers [1]

  • qt 4.5.1 stays in updates-testing for one(two) more week(s)
  • rssnow is hacked but still not ok, new amarok-2.1ish builds coming soon, ksysguard thing is cosmetic and mostly harmless
  • we have to watch qt git repo commits

PolicyKit 1 (as it hits rawhide soon)

  • PolicyKit 1 will be soon in Fedora
  • ltinkl & jreznik are going to cooperate PolicyKit 1 efforts
  • PolicyKit 1 should be blocked until proper support in KDE
  • old PolicyKit stays in Fedora for some time but it's not supported anymore