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Qt 4.5.1:

  • MathStuf reported that SVG rendering problems doesn't appear anymore.
  • RSSNow and Amarok 2.1 beta are also "fixed" now.
  • qt-4.5.1-11 includes newest qt-copy patches, important new include qtempfile fix and another fix for plasma/qpixmap leaks.
  • After Amarok 2.1 (final) will be released Qt 4.5.1 will go to stable.

polkit-qt and PolicyKit 1:

  • jreznik is working on a (line by line) port.

KDE 4.3 beta for kde-redhat-unstable:

  • Builds for F11 are done, work is going on for F10.

recent bugs

Bug 477074 - kchmviewer: no .po file is built nor installed:

  • Problem: If kchmviewer is built without kde support no translations are built.
  • kchmviewer is currently built with KDE support
  • The Okular package currently provides the same functionality as kchmviewer
  • The reported of this bug has agreed to be a co-maintainer for the package.
  • If the package cannot be whipped into shape and decision may be made to EOL it in Fedora

Bug 489093 - selinux-policy not allowing kde4-config to write to ~root/.kde:

Bug 489647 - Konqueror update sees RT 3.6.6 (from Best Practical) site inaccessible:

  • Problem: https-based RT3 sites (internal sites at Red Hat) are no longer accessible in konqueror.
  • This is also filed upstream:
  • This issue is fixed in KDE 4.2.3.
  • Bug has been closed locally and upstream

Bug 486245 - holding keys down no longer results in repeated entries:

  • Problem: Pressing a key and holding does not result in repeated entries of that key.
  • This should be taken upstream as the original bug reporter doesn't have the time for that.
  • Reported upstream as
  • Closed local bug in favor of upstream