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should we stop shipping the broken phonon-backend-gstreamer?

  • the consensus is to keep shipping it, it's not the default anyway (kkofler)
  • ship it, there is nothing broken with it, ltinkl has been using it for some months already without any major problems
  • (we've got 2 issues at least to sort out: 1. how to build support phonon (qt or standalone), 2. depending on 1, how best to build/ship phonon backends) (rdieter)

KDE 4.2.4 updates

  • KDE 4.2.4 CVS done for F10/F11, builds underway (ltinkl)
  • Kevin is backporting to F9 (kkofler)
  • extragear and kde-l10n still TODO (ltinkl)

Qt 4.5.1 updates

  • rssnow has a temporary hack, amarok-2.1 helps, and the yum issue is worked-around via a well-placed Obsoletes (rdieter)
  • qt-4.5.1 is ready for stable updates (rdieter)

amarok-2.1 status

  • amarok-2.1 landing... , for F-10 at least, means blocking on libgpod-0.7.0 batch update too

patch numbering and metadata

  • we should unify the way we number patches and document them
  • ltinkl to prepare a draft guideline on wiki

recent bugs

Bug 502953 - kdm switches manually selected session after entering userid

  • we will drop the offending patch as a temporary solution (than)