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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.2.90 status
      • kdebindings-4.2.90 build failures for < f12
    • OO.o KDE 4 integration [1]
  • recent bugs:
    • Selinux/knotify issues [2] [3]




kde-4.2.90 status

  • kdebindings-4.2.90 build failures for < f12
    • builds OK with new PyQt4
    • so we need patch for old PyQt4
      • rdieter already did it in 4.2.90-2

OO.o KDE 4 integration

  • there is KDE 4 support for OO.o now
  • we don't want to ship on Live CD but we want it (even after KO 2 are out)
  • we have to check current state
    • full integration would be NWF (native widget framework), dialogs and URL handlers?
  • dtardon (OO.o co-maintainer) will to help us
    • jreznik is in contact with dtardon and take care about OO.o KDE 4 integration
    • we need maintainer as OO.o guys are not interested in
    • KDE 4 integration support will be packaged separately
  • gvfs is not problem for us (depends only on glib2), but native kio support would be better

recent bugs

Selinux/knotify issues

  • probably 2 instances of the same bug
  • Fedora or RPM Fusion packages bug?
  • SELinux never tells us which shared object is actually at fault
    • we have to contact dwalsh for help
      • already CC on bugs
      • Kevin_Kofler will ping him