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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde4.3-rc3 status
    • security fixes
    • test day ideas



kde4-rc3 status:

  • KDE 4.3-rc3 is already built for rawhide.
  • The packages in kde-redhat repository were also taken for a review of KDE 4.3.

security fixes:

  • KevinKofler has committed the security fixes into CVS.
  • The fix for CVE-2009-1725 (improper handling of numeric character references) seems incomplete and has to be updated again.
  • ThanNgo will contact KDE Security Team because of the few security announcements in the past.

test day ideas:

  • phonon-backend-gstreamer (#513421, already ON_DEV by ThanNgo)
  • kpackagekit: installing unsigned packages

Open discussion:

  • WilliamStephenson gave a brief update on kde-networkmanagement development:
    • The design of NetworkManager leaves many things up to the clients. Much of these weren't implemented in the current version.
    • A redesign is now mostly implemented.
    • Now 90% of the clients work is done by some libraries.
    • Also the plasmoid is being rewritten to reflect these changes.
    • A monolithic standalone systray applet (which was written to test these changes) is almost in a shippable state.
    • The plasmoid itself isn't yet (some outstanding items: VPNC support, WPA-EAP, cellular support)