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Meeting Time





KDE 4.3 update status:

  • Final packages for KDE 4.3 are already in rawhide.
  • Work on packages for F11 and F10 has started.
  • Than started work on importing extragear packages.
  • RexDieter will release his KDE 4.3 packages at kde-redhat after the meeting.

New wiki pages (mainly their contents):

  • SIGs/KDE/Testing
    • Informations how to become an official tester should be added.
    • The role of kde-redhat could be explained a bit.
  • SIGs/KDE/Packaging/Cleanup
    • At least the proposed macros with high urgency got positive feedback.
    • Because rpm macros were initially derived from cmake variables the proposals should be compared with the variables defined in KDE4Internal.cmake.
  • SIGs/KDE/Packaging/Guidelines
    • If not officially approved by FPC and FESCo the page shouldn't be named "Guidelines"
    • Proposals: "Best Practices", "Packaging Drafts"

Why does kde-filesystem own /etc/kde4?:

Open Discussion:

  • KevinFrenzi is working on nightly spins for all live media at
  • leonidas-kde-theme with latest svn fixes will be prepared for F12 Alpha.