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KDE 4.3.0 blockers (for F11/F10)

  • fish:/// problem [1]
    • regression, suspicious commits #946444, #933202
    • ltinkl to try reverting suspect upstream commit(s), and test things out
  • ctrl+f12 problem [2]
    • probably plasma to plasma-desktop rename problem
    • reported upstream

Extragear for KDE 4.3.0 (status)

  • assigned to svahl while than is away
  • there are no group acls...

KDE live images - status

  • i686 and x86_64 images ready by svahl [3]
  • prelink issues
    • kio slaves are segfaulting
    • prelink bug should be reopened as we thought it's fixed already
  • image contains newer PyKDE4 and kde-settings from koji to get printer configuration and wallpaper back
  • firstboot is not working [4]
  • x86_64 image is much more bigger than i686