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yum-presto as default on KDE live images?:

  • yum-presto was recently added to the GNOME (a.k.a. Desktop) live images to be used by default.
  • It will also be added to the KDE live images.

PolicyKit 1 Authentication Agent:

  • The Polkit1 Authentification agent is not ready to use with KPackageKit.
  • Although PackageKit-qt shouldn't need to be updated (up to RichardHughes) only a ported KPackageKit is working.
  • With the current KPackageKit gnome-authentification-agent is also not working.
  • A newer KPackageKit (with updated method calls) will be released by the end of the week. With it gnome-authentification-agent should be working.
  • But a KDE based authentification agent would still be a good thing.

KDE 4.3.0 update status:

  • The received feedback was quite good so far.
  • An updated selinux-policy is needed to be pushed to stable with/before KDE 4.3.0 to don't fail suspend to ram in enforcing mode. (#516824).
  • It also needs to be checked if F-10 is also affected by this.
  • Two known regressions are left:
    • #516445: Show Dashboard Shortcut (ctrl-f12) doesn't work after upgrade to kde 4.3.0.
    • #518000: suspend/hibernate from menu not working after update to KDE 4.3
  • The first one needs a kconf_update script to be written. (plasma binary was renamed to plasma-desktop).
  • Updated extragear packages are already in updates-testing for F-10 and F-11 and will hit Rawhide after the freeze.
  • akonadi has become a direct dependency of kdebase-workspace at compile time.
  • We'll need to investigate if akonadi is really an optional package and if we
    • a) could split the dependency into a subpackage of kdebase-workspace and
    • b) disable the requirement for other packages without loosing functionality.