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  • pinentry-qt4 is currently broken in rawhide atm.
  • The latest rawhide builds requires pinentry-qt (the qt3 version).
  • This drags qt3 onto the live images.
  • RexDieter is debugging it with upstream but this is a slow process.
  • This issue also affects latest pinentry for F-11.
  • Until the bug is resolved kdepim will require the qt3 based pinentry-qt.
  • On the live images pinentry-gtk will be used to avoid qt3 on them.

live image package list

  • Without qt3 on the live images there is some space for additional packages.
  • pavucontrol and digikam will be added to the live images.

future of Phonon

  • upstream recommends building/packaging phonon from qt, and building/packaging backends separately
  • xine as default backend?
  • final decision postponed for next week

KDM fingerprint support update

  • needed patch commited to upstream
  • djaara can start working on it again
  • jreznik is preparing scratch build with patch to test it
  • not a F12 stuff, probably updates

recent bugs