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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • virtuoso/soprano status
    • Eigen2 (2.0.x vs. 2.1 snapshots, updating to current)
    • NM applet (GNOME nm-applet vs. knetworkmanager)
    • bug triage changes coming
    • phonon/trunk , PA-integration work/testing
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



virtuoso/soprano status:

  • RexDieter is working on new releases of virtuoso and libiodbc.
  • Test builds should appear in kde-testing (from kde-redhat) soon.

Eigen2 (2.0.x vs. 2.1 snapshots, updating to current):

  • F12 is shipping a 4 months old snapshot of 2.1 (the final isn't released yet).
  • F10/F11 are also shipping out-of-date 2.0.3 as updates (current is 2.0.6).
  • RexDieter will ask upstream for a recommendation.
  • Current plan is to ship 2.0.6 for F10/F11/F12 and 2.0.90 for F13.
  • This would mean to downgrade eigen2 in F12 and rebuild depending packages (kdeartwork, kdeedu, kdeplasma-addons, avogadro).

NM applet (GNOME nm-applet vs. knetworkmanager):

  • Results from a vote from KDE-SIG Steering Committee:
    • Switch to KNetworkManager for F12 (i.e. now): rejected
    • Stay wit nm-applet in F12 and switch to KNetworkManager in F13/Rawhide: accepted

bug triage changes coming:

  • The triage team will be using the keyword Triaged instead of the ASSIGNED status to indicate triaged bugs from F13 on.
  • The maintainers decide to use ASSIGNED or ON_DEV instead.
  • For now there was no result how we should handle this and we will continue the discussion later.

phonon/trunk , PA-integration work/testing:

  • RexDieter imported a Phonon trunk snapshot into the devel branch.
  • KevinKofler is going to look into getting PA integration into devel/Rawhide++/F13.

Open discussion:

  • StephenParrish is working on new KPackageKit 0.5 in F12 and F13/Rawhide.