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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.3.4 status
    • KDE Rebranding
    • multilibbing KCMs, i.e. putting them into the -libs subpackages (KCMs can be embedded into applications; if embedded into a 32-bit app, the 32-bit KCM is needed)
    • KDE Stability Proposal
    • netbook edition?
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



KDE 4.3.4 status:

  • Update for F-12 will be queued for updates-testing asap.
  • LukasTinkl was working on updates for F-11.
  • Early adopters could use kde-testing (at kde-redhat) in the meantime.

KDE Rebranding (#547361):

  • Since upstream proposed a rebranding we have to adopt the new name at various places:
    • SPECs (JaroslavReznik, RexDieter, ThanNgo)
    • comps.xml
    • Wiki (JaroslavReznik)
    • Spins page (JaroslavReznik)

multilibbing KCMs:

  • KCMs (KDE Configuration Modules, used in System Settings and in the preferences of some applications) will be moved to the -libs subpackages so 32-bit multilibs will be provided.
  • KParts will need a similar treatment.