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kcm_touchpad in defaults for comps?:

  • kcm_touchpad will be added as default in comps (Voting result: 5/0/0)

kde-4.3.85 and kdevplatform/kdevelop4 for kde-redhat? (#549713):

  • KDE 4.3.85 is available at kde-unstable repository at kde-redhat.
  • A file conflict in kdevplatform has to be sorted out: #541690.

comps: cyrus-sasl-gssapi or maybe as direct requirement for kdepim(kmail):

  • JaroslavReznik asked if cyrus-sasl-gssapi could be installed by default to satisfy kmail with Kerberos.
  • ATM cyrus-sasl-gssapi isn't present in comps at all.
  • RexDieter will ask other comps-ninja's for advice.

current live image issues:

  • SebastianVahl listed some current issues of the KDE live images:
    • KDM doesn't autologin (#549687)
    • Global shortcut notifications need to be silenced.
    • Space on live images is rare as usual (even with no qt3/kdelibs3 on it).
    • Autostarted plasmoids are not working (due to missing kdeplasma-addons).


  • Postponed for an upcoming meeting.

recent bugs

kde-plasma-*: yawp, stasks needed rebuilds for 4.3.85, need to test all kde-plasma-* bits:

  • All plasmoids need to be tested with KDE 4.4 (beta) and/or incompatibilities with Qt-4.6.
  • At least yawp and stasks need a rebuild to be functional.

nepomuk tracker for kde-4.3.x dup or block ?:

  • KDE 4.3 in Fedora doesn't have a working nepomuk backend.
  • All open bugs against nepomuk and KDE 4.3 will be closed with an advice to reopen them if they could be reproduced with KDE 4.4.


  • RexDieter announced a tracker bug for all KDE related bugs in upcoming Fedora 13.
  • Tracker bugs for Qt-4.6 and KDE 4.4 are also part of this tracker bug.