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kde-l10n srpm split

  • Than proposed %subject% - split current one big srpm to many packages
  • pros/cons
    • pros are more flexible and smaller updates, build of current srpm is time consuming in case of buggy kde-l10n package
    • cons - koji/bodhi overhead/more packages, has to be scripted
  • Rex Dieter is going to revive/work on his script/template
  • FKDESCo agreed on this conditionally
    • automation script is ready and usable


  • jreznik, svahl and mefoster are willing to lead Plasma Netbook effort
  • step #1 - create a separate comps group for kde-netbook, then probably spin
  • intelligent cherry picking of packages to be on (and needs split/reorganization)
    • kdeplasma-addons needed, problem due to kdeedu-marble
  • tracker

qtwebkit JIT

recent bugs

Only "Internal audio analog stereo" present after login