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  • topics to discuss:
  • recent bugs:
    • #562851 - update to 4.3.5 breaks "Exit Session" dialog (F11)
    • #549687 - kdm: no autologin on first start (Rawhide)



qt46/kde44 status update:

  • All KDE SC 4.4 packages are already in rawhide.
  • Extragear packages need to be released upstream.
  • F11/F12 still has a binutils/ld bug on ppc64, preventing qt46 builds (#562249)

feature freeze is upon us, update feature page status:

disabling nm-applet in KDE for F13+? (#429431):

  • nm-applet should implement "NotShowIn=KDE;" to don't conflict with knetworkmanager (which is our default).

Open Discussion:

  • SebastianVahl asked which package to include on the live images, amarok or kdeplasma-addons (amarok won).
  • Since there will be no KDE netbook spin for F13, plasma-netbook tracker will be removed from F13 KDE blocker list.
  • Sebastian Vahl will also test if #550049 is still an issue.

recent bugs

#562851 - update to 4.3.5 breaks "Exit Session" dialog (F11):

  • This was introduced by accident and is already being worked on.
  • An older ck-shutdown patch needs to be used for F11.

#549687 - kdm: no autologin on first start (Rawhide):

  • It looks like the ConsoleKit daemon and libck-connector are out of sync.
  • Until now there is no response from the ConsoleKit maintainers.
  • KevinKofler will try to fix this until alpha release. Otherwise this issue needs to be mentioned in alpha release notes.