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KDE-4.4.0 updates status, remaining blockers?

  • KDE 4.4 will be pushed to stable ASAP.
  • akonadi/mysql breakage only affects F-13, not F-11,F-12.
  • libssh-0.4.1 will also be pushed to stable (F-12,F-11).
  • The remaining regressions weren't considered as blockers but will still being worked on (KDE 4.4 tracker).
  • KDE 4.4.1 is also scheduled to be tagged on Feb 25.

disable kdebug by default?:

  • Currently all KDE applications produces a lot of output on stdout and .xsession-errors (#560508).
  • To reduce this normally not needed output kdebug will be disabled for F-13+.

enable nepomuk by default?

  • RexDieter send this idea to fedora-kde mailing list for discussion last week.
  • We considered it not to be wise to change this behavior in the middle of a release, so nepomuk stays disabled by default.

f13 kde live image status:

  • KPackageKit is currently broken in F-13 (It has not been ported to 0.6 ABI changes of PackageKit, yet).
  • Current SVN snapshot of KPackageKit should work with PackageKit 0.6.x.
  • We'll try to get a newer KPackageKit into F-13 Alpha.
  • We'll also talk to upstream maintainer about his release and commit policy and offer some help.

recent bugs

Bug 549687 kdm: no autologin on first start

  • There is still no response from ConsoleKit maintainers.
  • KevinKofler has looked into the code but couldn't find the reason why it isn't working.

Bug 566547 mysql-5.1.43 incompat with akonadi

  • mysql-5.1.44-2.fc13 is compatible with akonadi again and needs to be in F-13 Alpha.