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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.4.1 update status
    • roadmap/timeline to removing hal dependencies from kde? In particular, mjg59 is suggesting removing storage support in hal to save huge amounts of power...
    • default cursor theme [1]
      • stay with current bluecurve
      • change to dmz/dmz-aa as Gnome/OpenSuse guys did [2]
      • change to oxygen
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



  • kde-4.4.1 update status
    • we will push 4.4.1 stable soon for f13, f11/f12 decision postponed until next meeting
    • we will queue kde-settings update to enable nepomuk for stable (fast track)
  • roadmap/timeline to removing hal dependencies from kde?
    • udisk is not suitable replacement for hal
    • upstream is working on new solid for 4.5/4.6
    • ltinkl to document a list of udisk missing features, that block our removal of hal dependencies from kde/solid
    • someone should join hal people to watch changes, that could affect KDE packages
  • default cursor theme
    • we agreed on change cursor theme to dmz as Gnome did
    • should be set directly in kde-settings

recent bugs