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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • building Soprano with QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT?
    • KOffice 2.2 Beta for F13?
    • Removing ABRT from KDE in favor of DrKonqi
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



building Soprano with QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT?

  • short-term build soprano with QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT soprano with QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT
  • long-term poke upstream to address this better

KOffice 2.2 Beta for F13?

  • we can hope for beta 2 or rc 1 in time of Fedora 13 release, see KOffice schedule [1]
  • rdieter to build test builds for kde-unstable and provide basic test-plan
  • defer decision at least a week
  • testers welcomed

qt/PyQt4 hp bug

  • than will try to debug bug #543286

recent bugs