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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • status of
      • KDE SC 4.4.4
        • F11?
      • KDE SC 4.4.85
      • Qt 4.6.3
    • system docbook requirement
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



KDE SC 4.4.4

  • builds are ready to -testing for F11 & F12 (by Than)
  • F11 is going to EOL soon, we don't want to break KDE in the latest push
    • Kevin is going to build 4.4.4 for F11 and it will be included in kde-redhat repository as unofficial update

KDE SC 4.4.85 (4.5 beta 2)

  • everything except kdegames in CVS (by Jaroslav)
    • games trademark patch rebase needed, upstream still haven't accepted our patch
    • Rex will contact upstream
  • docbook has to be added as runtime dependency for kdelibs due to kio_help needs it

Qt 4.6.3

  • Than is working on update

open discussion

  • Kevin is a new Krusader co-maintainer
    • latest beta, backported XZ support, 5 bugfixes