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Meeting Time


The list of participants will be filled in after the meeting.




kde-4.4.4 update status

  • AGREED: kde-4.4.4 updates to be queue'd for stable updates asap

QtWebKit security update status

  • patched 4.6.3 builds are underway, work-in-progress, updates to be submitted when ready
  • ltinkl to take care of backporting to F11 (different Qt)
    • we don't want to push qt 4.6.3 to F11
    • kde-redhat can host unofficial qt-4.6.3 builds for F11

triaging/upstreaming high-profile bugs (nepomuk, kpackagekit, knetworkmanager)

  • we have to take care about high profile bug reports - nepomuk, kpk, knm
  • SMParrish to count up outstanding nepomuk abrt bugs, and request assistance for triaging as needed
  • thomasj volunteers triaging help

gstreamer-plugins-good-0.10.23-1 : phonon-backend-gstreamer jittery playback

  • rdieter will continue to debug/diagnose, provide information on upstream bug. ltinkl to help confirm findings


  • do we want this Gtk based app in Fedora KDE Desktop Edition?
    • size constraints