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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • final report for F14
    • status of KDE 4.5.x and Qt 4.7 for F13

recent bugs:

    • (none)



final report for F14

  • Test_Results:Fedora_14_Final_TC1_Desktop passed, except
    • QA:Testcase_desktop_error_checks: SELinux error - fixed now
    • QA:Testcase_desktop_menus
      • #643838 - papeli crash, due to another Qt/Cirrus bug
      • #643835 - polkit-kde fail - fixed now
  • polkit-kde-auth-agent seems to be still crashing
    • AGREED': remove from KDE blocker as we don't have steps to reproduce it
    • jreznik and rnovacek to work on improving polkit-qt

status of KDE 4.5.x and Qt 4.7 for F13

  • rdieter informs that new qt 4.7.1 is right around the corner (rumors)
  • do we want to push kde 4.5.2 together with qt 4.7?
    • jreznik to prepare a devel-announce post to publicize our intentions regarding kde/qt update in f13
      • in case of no objections against pushing qt from other qt apps maintainers we will update it together
      • it seems kde 4.5.x works very well with qt 4.7 as kde-unstable contains this combination
  • rdieter to setup dist-f13-kde target
  • ltinkl, rdieter and jreznik likes waffles