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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • status of KDE 4.5.x for F13

recent bugs:

    • (none)



kde-4.5.2/f13 status

  • qt-4.7.x for f13 decision weighed heavily by qtwebkit maintainance
  • qt-4.7.1 should be released soon (rumors)

KPackageKit-0.6.2+ , UI changes, app-install, etc

  • 0.6.2 changes UI and needs app-install support in PK
    • it should be possible to install individual packages, but applications are shown on the top
    • SMParrish to talk to upstream maintainers to get more info
    • agreed to skip 0.6.2 for now
  • skvidal proposed yumex as replacement but it's not ok for us:
    • it's GTK+ app
    • uses yum directly
    • still uses consolehelper (no fine tuned acls)

open discussion

  • nucleo asks for knetwork acl because of libktorrent dependency
    • AGREED: nucleo kdenetwork acls approved

recent bugs