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kde-4.5.4 status

  • AGREED: to push 4.5.4 to updates-testing
  • than to prepare update
  • kde-4.5.4 and kdepim-4.4.8 to be grouped in one update
  • rdieter_work joined as later - in-transit

qt-4.7.x for f13 : where are we? push forward? drop it?

  • we are still not sure we really want to update 4.7 in f13
    • +1 by Kevin_Kofler, other folks tend to not update or don't know yet, don't care
    • we need list of arguments for FESCo (disagreement - before or after update?)
      • QtWebKit security, bugfixes but regressions (any?), backward compatible, new neat features
  • no conclussion -> move discussion onlist


qt-x11 (assistant) depends on qt-webkit

  • qt-assistant uses qtwebkit to render documentation => new dependency for qt-x11
  • than prepared patch to use qtextbrowser
    • but it's not as powerfull as qtwebkit (HTML/CSS subset implemented) - should be ok for docs?
  • AGREED: on testing patch in rawhide for feedback by our devs/users
  • alternative: split qt-assistant and use Provides: qt4-assistant