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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • KDE intergration (oxygen-gtk, GTK+ 3 issues, libreoffice-kde)
    • Features/KDE46
    • split kdepim-mobility
    • new meeting time



KDE intergration (oxygen-gtk, GTK+ 3 issues, libreoffice-kde)

  • GTK+ 3 issues
    • we need ported versions for GTK+ 3
      • potential issues - oxygen-gtk, kdebase-workspace (the krdb.cpp stuff), maybe xsettings-kde, qtcurve-gtk*
    • problem with gtkrc - kdebase-workspace writes out a ~/.kde/share/config/gtkrc-2.0 with some color settings and some other stuff (e.g. gtk-alternative-button-order = 1)
    • qtcurve-gtk* has GTK+ 3 [1] version but they changed theming API again [2]
      • thomasj to ask upstream how far they are with the new API
    • same for oxygen-gtk
      • upstream does not want to support it now, is it up to us?
      • rdieter to submit review soon
  • LibreOffice-KDE
    • everything should be in upstream tarball
    • ltinkl to ask our LibreOffice maintainers if he could co-maintain that package and create the libreoffice-kde subpackage
    • rdieter to help ltinkl with libreoffice integration


  • rdieter to send feature to FESCo for approval asap, thanks
  • increasing spin size to ~1GB and different default phonon backend: gstreamer (or vlc) should be next meeting topics
  • any other feature we want to mention?

split kdepim-mobility

  • AGREED: to subpackage -mobility apps, ship it???
  • backup plan for kdepim 4.6 - but lets try it first!

new meeting time

  • AGREED: to move meeting to 15:00 UTC