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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • 4.6.0 status
    • stick to 700 MiB (CD-sized) live images
      • xz SquashFS brought the nightlies down to 655 MiB, we even have space left!
    • reconsider the OnlyShowIn=KDE; for System Settings
      • e.g. sound events for KDE apps can only be configured from System Settings
  • recent bugs:



4.6.0 status

  • 4.6.0 is built, ltinkl is building rebased kdebase-workspace packages (one plasma fix, powerdevil migration issues)
  • ACTION: Kevin_Kofler to add Conflits to kdelibs because of KatePart Smart* issue (kile, kdevplatform/kdevelop and rkward)
  • ACTION: rdieter_work to work on KDevelop 4.2.0 after meeting
  • 4.6.0 for F14
    • we are not sure we need exception from FESCo, SMParrish says it was granted, he will check
    • do we want 4.6.0? or 4.6.1 because of the lack of testing?
    • do we want HAL or uDisks/uPower?
    • both to be decided in a near future

stick to 700 MiB (CD-sized) live images

  • AGREED to stick with CD-sized image

reconsider the OnlyShowIn=KDE; for System Settings

  • AGREED to not enable it by now and ask upstream what they think
  • reasons are
    • we cannot add KDE to the name as we will break translations
    • kdebase-workspace is not dragged in all the times