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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.6.3 status report
    • QtWebkit
  • recent bugs:



4.6.3 status

  • kde-4.6.3 is queue'd for updates-testing, got pushed overnight
  • we omit oxygen-icon-theme as it contains regressions and work in progress
  • ACTION: Kevin_Kofler to take a look on kdepim-runtime translations blacklisting


  • QtWebKit 2.2 branch snapshot builds now
    • ACTION: rdieter to update package review
    • ACTION: jreznik to finish package review
    • qtwebkit media support is tricky: supports phonon, qt-mobility and gstreamer
  • we want standalone qtwebkit in previous releases too due security issues - easier to rebase to latest version
  • QtWebKit depends on Qt Mobility Multimedia and Location API, we will have to split it
    • ACTION: jreznik to take a look how to package qt/meego-qmf properly
  • ACTION: Kevin_Kofler to split kdelibs-x11 from kdelibs (in the same way as Qt), -devel is going to stay untouched

Other agenda

  • there's initial port of plasma-nm to NM 0.9