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4.6.4 status

  • kde 4.6.4 commited to fedora git, kdelibs, kdebase*, kde-l10n are already built
  • ACTION: rdieter_work to re-enable dist-f14-kde koji target
  • Kevin_Kofler reports missing some .cmake files in kdeedu
  • ACTION: than_home to take a look at 4.6.4 kdeedu issues
  • rhbz#509645 should be marked as fixed in 4.6.4 update (if not pushed as 4.6.3 one)

4.6.80 aka 4.7 beta1 status

  • upstream decided to split packages (now kdeedu, kdegraphics, kdebindings completely + partially other packages)
  • kde 4.6.80 commited to fedora git, kdelibs, kdebase* are already built
    • using multisources hacks
  • kdeedu splits are final - we try to make the split by F16

Lohit fonts accidentally disable the bytecode interpreter for Qt patch

  • Behdad provided a patch to Qt's fontconfig code
  • ACTION: than_home to rebuild Qt with the patch soon to test