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Meeting Time


  • jreznik
  • rdieter
  • rnovacek
  • Kevin_Kofler
  • than
  • ltinkl


  • topics to discuss:
    • alpha blockers
    • compositing by default for f17
    • brno fad wrapup
    • touch enabled apps
  • recent bugs:



compositing and llvmpipe in F17

  • the only alpha blocker proposal is llvmpipe breakage (794835)
  • AGREED: (+5/-1) proposal 1: disable/omit llvmpipe kwin patch
  • (+1,-5) rejected proposal 2: disable kwin compositing by default (for now, re-evaluate for f17beta)
  • ACTION: rdieter to implement proposal 1 after meeting

Brno FAD wrap-up

  • new colored systray icons for 4.8, done, not uploaded yet by kkofler
  • update of git-cola in Fedora to latest upstream, done in Rawhide, in updates-testing for F1[567] by kkofler
  • Solid udisks2 front, a first compilable version was finished and pushed to kdelibs git by ltinkl
  • plasma-active packaged by jreznik and rnovacek
  • Qt 5 talk by jreznik
  • the plan is to ship KDE Telepathy as default, worked by rdieter and mck182
  • comps were updated to take split packages effect by rdieter
  • mck182 finished his Firemuk extenstion to save download URL to Nepomuk as metada