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Meeting Time


  • jreznik
  • rdieter
  • kkofler
  • rnovacek
  • than
  • ltinkl
  • jsmith lurking ;-)




Fedora 17 Alpha post-mortem

  • KDM shutdown/restart issue present in Fedora 17 alpha, we are waiting for more feedback after f17 spread enough
  • ACTION: Kevin_Kofler to take a look on systemd support as original author of CK code, jreznik to help with
  • KDM also supports non-root session for greeter
  • ACTION: to check the possibility of setting it up

f17 kde reboot does not work, leads back to kdm

touch interfaces, Fedora Active

  • first try kickstart for Fedora Active
  • we will need package splits for touch interfaces (-mobile subpackages, kdepim, calligra...)
  • we need the separate kde-settings profile set up
  • ACTION: to check if the plasma-mobile patches are still needed


  • ACTION: rdieter to prepare f17-kde koji target/tag
  • ACTION: jreznik to start updates when tarballs hits packagers ftp
  • AGREED: to backport kio_tar bugfix to f15
  • ACTION: Kevin_Kofler to take care about backport