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Meeting Time


  • jreznik
  • rdieter
  • kkofler
  • than
  • rnovacek


  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.8.1
    • systemd shutdown/restart/user switching support
  • recent bugs:



4.8.1 status

  • rnovacek rebased smooth-tasks to use smooth-tasks-fork
  • rdieter put kdelibs-4.8.1-2 build into kde-testing repo for feedback
  • GwenviewPart/Ark issue was finally addressed upstream, already in our latest batch in updates-testing
  • nucleo confirmed gwenview fix
  • f17/kde4.8.1 queued for stable, f17-kde build will be removed soon
  • f16/kde4.8.1 still in updates-testing

systemd shutdown/restart/user switching support

  • shutdown/restart should be working with latest iteration of code, user switching is more complex
  • ACTION': to test the latest kde/systemd code
  • to test, use gdm loginmanager to log into kde, and see if leave -> shutdown/restart menu items are present and work