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Meeting Time


  • jreznik
  • kkofler
  • rnovacek
  • ltinkl
  • than


  • topics to discuss:
    • KDE Plasma Workspaces Test Day
    • KDE Plasma Workspaces as default spin
    • Qt 5 packaging planning
  • recent bugs:



oversized live CD (jreznik, 15:14:10)

  • the bug was fixed by proper rebuild of zenity without webkitgtk3 (jreznik, 15:14:35)
  • there's approx. 5 MiB reserve now (jreznik, 15:14:58)
  • the list of possible packages for removal (in order): krusader, gnome-disk-utility, stix-fonts, amarok (jreznik, 15:17:06)
  • We'll know the exact remaining space when zenity-3.2.0-4.fc17 (FEDORA-2012-4236) goes stable. (Kevin_Kofler, 15:17:57)

KDE Plasma Workspaces Test Day (jreznik, 15:24:30)

  • the idea is to have an intergration test day, not upstream features - as systemd integration etc. (jreznik, 15:26:37)
  • ACTION: to think about integration test cases for Test Day (desktop effects, systemd integration etc.) (jreznik, 15:40:29)

KDE Plasma Workspaces as a default spin (KDE SIG stamp) (jreznik, 15:45:06)