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Meeting Time


  • jreznik
  • rnovacek
  • rdieter
  • Kevin_Kofler
  • than
  • ltinkl


  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.8.80 status
    • kde-4.8.4 status
  • recent bugs:



kde-4.8.80 status

  • the kde-4.8.80 builds are mostly done, missing a few packages (kdegames, kstars) + on going package splits (kdemultimedia) (jreznik, 15:25:57)
  • ACTION: ltinkl to take a look on kstars build failure (jreznik, 15:17:34)
  • AGREED: to build bigger updates in dedicated rawhide tag (jreznik, 15:26:18)
    • for minor updates we need clarification from upstream, if they are ok with builds going directly to rawhide (jreznik, 15:27:00)

kde-4.8.4 status

  • than is working on importing stuff to f17 (jreznik, 15:41:08)
  • rdieter prepared f16-kde f17-kde build targets (jreznik, 15:42:05)