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Meeting Time


  • jreznik
  • than
  • ltinkl
  • rnovacek
  • rdieter
  • kkofler


  • topics to discuss:
    • status updates
    • a new features that hits KDE Plasma Workspaces spin
      • Initial Experience
      • Offline Updates
      • Mini debug infos
  • recent bugs:



Status updates

  • kdemm split mostly done, missing kscd and ffmpegthumbs (rpmfusino) (jreznik, 15:15:10)
  • ACTION: jreznik to finish kscd review (jreznik, 15:15:44)
  • dantti, rhughes and ltinkl fixed some of the battery applet/upower bugs yesterday (jreznik, 15:16:03)
  • a couple of new ktp packages to be reviewed (jreznik, 15:16:26)

a new features approved by FESCo that hits KDE spin

  • there are several new features approved by FESCo that could affect KDE spin (jreznik, 15:22:51)
  • AGREED: to try to make 800 MiB goal possible (jreznik, 15:45:30)
  • ACTION: jreznik to create feature page asap and mention our size intentions there (jreznik, 15:49:42)
  • ACTION: rdieter to help maintain cd-sized (700mb) kde spin (rdieter, 15:50:17)
  • defer offline updates until Apper supports them (dantti will implement it) (jreznik, 15:54:28)
  • ACTION: jreznik to contact KDE upstream about IE (jreznik, 15:58:21)