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Meeting Time


  • Kevin_Kofler
  • dvratil
  • jgrulich
  • jreznik
  • ltinkl
  • rdieter
  • rnovacek


  • topics to discuss:
    • new accessibility stuff to package
    • initial qtbase-5.0.0 pkg for review
    • 4.10 beta 1
  • recent bugs:



new accessibility stuff to package

  • Simon has a beta release of 0.4, the version that should finally be packageable (now works with PocketSphinx, without Julius and HTK)
  • optional, but recommended dependencies is qaccessibilityclient, a new client library for AT-SPI2
  • qaccessibilityclient has no official release, no idea when it's going to be released

initial qtbase-5.0.0 pkg for review

  • initial qtbase-5.0.0 pkg ready for review, reviewer familiar with Qt is needed
  • to use qt5- prefix or not would be decided in the review
  • as qtbase is base module for the rest, these will be packaged once qtbase review is done

4.10 beta 1

  • 4.10 beta 1 available
  • split packages reviews needed, kdegames split