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KPackageKit is the KDE/QT4 based front end for PackageKit. It will replace the default PackageKit gui currently used by KDE in Fedora. Now you will be able to perform all PackageKit functions from within a native KDE application.

Currently in its third beta KPackageKit has the following features now working and ready for testing.

- Search (Get details, files, depends..)

- Install

- Remove

- Check for Updates

Two pieces currently missing are the ability to actually perform updates, and the system tray notifications. Both these features are scheduled to be ready for the F10 beta freeze on August 19.

Currently under package review, this page will be updated when KpackageKit is available in rawhide.

While working towards inclusion in F10, KPackageKit will be available for F9 when KDE4.1 is pushed out, however it may still not be feature complete at that time and should not be used exclusive of PackageKit to maintain your system.

Currently KPackageKit does not have a dedicated bug reporting system. If you find any issues with KPackageKit please report them to the Fedora Bugzilla and they will be forwarded to the developers.

Feel free to ask questions in #fedora-kde on Freenode.

Steven Parrish

Fedora KPackageKit maintainer