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Right now a lot of special keys on laptops as on so called internet keyboards do not work. Some do not work at all, some need manual configuration. Goal of this effort is to make all these keys work out of the box or at least by only configuring the keyboard type.

See /KeyProcessing for technical background information There is a list of /SoftWare dealing with this issue.

As keypresses move through several layers it is necessary to make all these layers work.

Areas of Work

AT and PS/2 keyboard configuration




Most hotkeys should invoke programs or trigger actions insted of producing characters. This is desktop environment specific.

  • Preconfigure actions on hotkeys
  • Allow multiple keys per action to have a <CTRL> + letter and hotkey at once
  • GConf:/apps/metacity/global_keybingings
  • GConf:/apps/metacity/keybinding_commands
  • GConf:/apps/metacity/window_keybindings
  • Related information about keybindings in GNOME here
  • KDE
  • Create a list of hotkeys to map (/DesktopActions outdated, redo)


Support for hotkeys on default actions. That way programmer would not have to care about the hotkeys. This is a long term thing. Lets see if we ever get to this...

  • Gtk
  • add hotkeys as parts of stock icons???
  • related bugs: 442632 and 337096
  • Qt