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Music & Audio Special Interest Group

The goal of this Special Interest Group (SIG) is: It should be easy and enjoyable to make music and work with audio on Fedora.


We want to bring together Fedora users and contributors with an interest in making music and working with audio. We aim to continuously improve the experience of using Fedora, and the relevant applications and tool-chains, for this purpose.

In a sense, this group is the successor in spirit to the former Audio Creation SIG. That SIG had similar objectives but almost exclusively focused on packaging. While packaging is an important element, we feel that there are additional valuable ways of contributing which shouldn’t be neglected. These may include, for example, techniques, practices, other documentation, and perhaps case studies.


At the time of writing, this SIG is in the process of formation. Many things aren’t there yet – we’re still not finished setting up our communication channels for instance.

Getting Involved

It’s great if you want to be involved! There is no formal membership to the SIG, whoever participates is part of the group.


You can chat with us on the Fedora Music & Audio room on Matrix.

We want to set up a dedicated corner on (this thread is where it all began), but as mentioned above, this is not done yet.