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This is the Agenda page for the Spin SIG . We keep track of what it is we need to do, here.


Meeting time has been set to Tuesdays, 22:00 UTC.


Agenda for 2008-06-10 18:00 UTC

How come we did not have Fedora 9 Spins of

 * Electronic Lab
 * Games
 * Developer

The Electronic Lab does have a certain amount of people interested but no one "accountable" maintainer, while there was a lot of exposure, whereas the Developer spin did not get any maintenance, afaics. Regardless, we will need to contact maintainers during the Alpha-Beta time-frame to update their spins, or come up with a policy/guideline for the maintainers to hold on to.

Drafted policies

I've submitted the drafted policies[1] for the Spin SIG to -devel, but they did not get much feedback. We need to determine if they are sufficient to enter the F10 development/release cycle with.

The release process / spin process

Right now, we put in a request at the Release Engineering Team to have certain spins spun. This may or may not be "golden" spins, but regardless, I think we prefer to trigger building our own spins, and then hand one over to Release Engineering, that can be released. Let's talk about this at our meeting.

Updates to kickstarts are submitted... where?

I think the spin-kickstarts GIT repository at[3] needs to have the latest kickstarts, whereas now developments still take place in the livecd-tools GIT repository at[4]. I've tried to come up with a branching policy that makes development go into the master branch, which we branch off for maintenance purposes every release. I've also been thinking about a commit access policy, and I think having commit access for at least the primary maintainers of each spin makes the most sense.

kickstarts RPM package for "Home Use"

A review request has been submitted for a "spin-kickstarts" package[5], which I'd like you to look at and give some feedback on. This is to enable people getting approved (by Spin SIG and Board) kickstarts to their own computers in a controllable fashion.