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This page is obsolete
This page has been superseded by Spins_Process

Submission Process for Community Spins

  1. A new spin concept that is to be included into the Kickstart Pool is to:
  2. A new spin concept that needs trademark approval (in order to be called Fedora), needs board approval. This step in the process comes _after_ technical review by the Spin SIG.
    • Also see the DOs and DONTs
  3. Spin concepts that are to become genuine Fedora spins, included in the release, will need to have a Feature Page

Submitting a Spin Concept

When submitting a spin concept, the first thing you do is debranding the spin. To the kickstart file for your spin concept, you add:



sed -i -e 's/Fedora/Generic/g' /etc/fedora-release

to enable the spin concept to be entered into the kickstart pool as soon as it is technically approved by the Spin SIG.

In your submission to the Spin SIG mailing list, you should include:

  1. A description of the spin concept. Here's a couple of ideas:
    • Does it have a particular target audience?
    • Grannies in church need bigger font sizes
    • Does it have a particular use(-case)?
    • I boot this specific spin on XXX desktops at the office so that (...)
    • Is it a localized spin (based on an existing spin)?
  2. The kickstart file you want to add to the pool.
    • Make sure it has a brief description of the spin's purpose on top, and the author(s)/maintainer(s). Check the GIT Repository for examples.
  3. The SIG's name (if any) involved with developing and maintaining the spin concept, and/or your FAS account name
  4. If applicable, an description of changes you apply that are not covered with the Community Spin Guidelines , such as:
    • The reason for changing the default behavior of an application
    • Excluding or including packages for a localized spin because the spin breaks with or without that specific package (include Red Hat Bugzilla bugnumber)
  5. The spin concept's scope:
    • Does the spin concept apply for being officially released?
    • Does the spin concept need to be included in the Kickstart Pool package (being released, as a package, via Fedora repositories)?
    • Is the spin going to be maintained during it's lifecycle? The lifecycle of a spin is at least one Fedora releases lifecycle.
    • Does the spin expect to release updates during it's lifecycle?

If your target is to include the Spin concept in the regular release cycle, you should have a Feature page up and running for the Spin SIG to look at.

Spin Concept Submitted?

When your spin concept is submitted, you will get a response from the Spin SIG containing feedback on the following:

  1. The spin concept in general
  2. Technical Review
  3. Proceedings with regards to being included in the kickstart pool (if not a localized spin).
  4. Proceedings with regards to proposing the spin concept to the Board, and discussing Trademark Approval (if not a localized spin).
    • If the Spin needs an approval stamp, it'll be proposed only after technical review by the Spin SIG
  5. Proceedings with regards to being included in the pool of spins that are released as part of the official release (if not a localized spin).
    • Only after the Spin gets an approval stamp from the Board
    • Subject to the release policy .