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Spin SIG Meeting @ FUDCon Boston, January 2009


  • John Poelstra
  • Jon Stanley
  • Kevin Fenzi
  • Jonathan Steffan
  • Jeroen van Meeuwen
  • Josh Boyer
  • Xavier Lamien
  • Stephen Certer
  • Jarod Wilson

Meeting Minutes

  1. Process
    • Current process is multi-stage, and takes relatively long because several groups run their approval in series, not in parallel.
      • Involved parties are:
        1. The Spin SIG
        2. The Fedora Board
        3. FESCo / Release Engineering
        4. Feature Wrangler
        5. QA
        6. Infra
    • New process should get the people involved to join the Spin SIG via meetings, meeting minutes and mailing list
      • Fedora Board needs notification of new spins being approved (under the rubber stamp trademark approval clause)
      • FESCo / Release Engineering needs presence at the Spin SIG meetings in order to chime in on concerns in time
      • QA & Infra need reporting from Spins SIG about the amount of work or diskspace involved with Spins
    • In the new process, Spins are not features anymore, but follow a new Spins Process;
      • Some common aspects of the Feature Process are used in the Spins Process.
        • Timeline (alpha freeze, feature freeze, beta freeze)
        • User responsibility for Spins Page, needs to be completed before Spins Freeze
  2. Spin SIG
    • Only accept kickstarts / review requests for Fedora Spins to be included with Fedora

Meeting Results

Spins Process

  1. User creates kickstart and Spins page
  2. User submits kickstart and Spins page to the Spin SIG for review
  3. Spin SIG reviews kickstart and Spins page, where:
    • The Fedora (Advisory) Board gets a notification of a new request (whether they act upon it is up to them)
    • FESCo / Rel-Eng is requested to be present at the next meeting to enable them to express their angle during the meeting / vote on the acceptance of the Spin
  4. Spin SIG meets with third party (representatives) and takes on the review / vote for the Spin
    • If the Spin is accepted, notification goes out to:
      • Fedora Board,
      • FESCo / Rel-Eng,
      • QA Team or representative
      • Infra Team or representative
    • If the Spin fails, notification goes out to:
      • The user or SIG maintaining the Spin
      • The Fedora (Advisory) Board

Spins Page Requirements

  • Description of the spin (make it good, to be used on
  • Target audience for the spin, describing which users you target
  • Who's responsible for development of this spin?
  • Who's to resolve bugs during the lifecycle of the release?
  • Update release schedule (needs to be approved separately)
  • Lifecycle (13 months, otherwise needs to be approved separately)


  • Spins Freeze (at the same time the Feature Freeze kicks in)
  • Bi-weekly meetings on #fedora-meeting
  • mailing list


Milestones in a given development cycle:

  1. Approval for the Spin before Alpha Freeze--maybe move to Feature Freeze?
  2. Spins Freeze (at exactly the same time as Feature Freeze)
  3. Beta Freeze
  4. Preview Release
  5. Release

Spins Timeline

  1. Submit kickstart and URL to Spin Overview Page at least 3 weeks before Alpha Freeze (Spin Maintainer(s))
  2. Test results and review at least one week for Alpha Freeze (Spin SIG and Spin Maintainer(s))
    • Spin Maintainer(s) report(s) to Spin SIG (either ACK or NACK and plan to fix whatever is causing NACK)
  3. Alpha Freeze
  4. Get trademark approval before Spins Freeze (same as Feature Freeze)
  5. Daily compose tests by Spin SIG
  6. Bi-weekly reports by Spin Maintainer(s)
  7. Spins Freeze, Feature Freeze
  8. Daily compose tests by Spin SIG
  9. Bi-weekly reports by Spin Maintainer(s)
  10. Beta Release
  11. Test Release Candidate
  12. Test Release (GA)

Pages / Feedback / Tracking

  • Tracking approval
    • Spin SIG review
    • Trademark approval
  • Compose test results
  • Spin Maintainer(s) report