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Meeting of 2008-02-27

*** Times shown in EST

12:57 < iWolf> Store SIG meeting in about 5 minutes.....
12:59 -!- Southern_Gentlem [n=notfred@unaffiliated/southerngentlem/x-2894754]  has joined #fedora-mktg
12:59 < Southern_Gentlem> here
13:00  * EvilBob waves
13:01 < iWolf> :)  Perhaps I should just hold these meetings in the unity channel!
13:01 < Southern_Gentlem> nope lol :
13:01 < EvilBob> BAD idea
13:02 < iWolf> i guess y'all might scare some people...
13:02 < Southern_Gentlem> we would behave
13:02 < Southern_Gentlem> who else is here
13:03 < iWolf> Last call - who else is here for the Store SIG meeting.
13:03  * iWolf listens to the crickets....
13:03 < Southern_Gentlem> iwolf  myself i have no problem with it being in unity
13:04 < iWolf> SO, it looks like it is us three.
13:05 < iWolf> Just so I can say we really had a meeting, I'm going to do a bit of summary.  Feel free to ask questions or make input.
13:05 -!- Karlik|nb [n=Karlik@fedora/Karlik]  has joined #fedora-mktg
13:05 < iWolf> First, I did order a shirt and mug from cafepress which arrived last week.
13:05 < Southern_Gentlem> has anyone found a vender for doing the Ambassador shirts like the europeans have yet
13:06 < iWolf> No, when OLF rolls closer I will get my T-shirt guy to do them.
13:06 < iWolf> I know he can and he does good work.
13:06 < Southern_Gentlem> well i have a guy here locally that does good work
13:06 < iWolf> When that time comes I will figure out how to handle that for the North American folks - unless someone runs with the ball before me.
13:07 < iWolf> So if you order some stuff up, that's great!
13:07 < Southern_Gentlem> i know this place will take internet orders
13:07 < iWolf> Oh yeah?  For small quantities?
13:07 < Southern_Gentlem> yes
13:07 < iWolf> You should add them to the AmbassadorVendor page.
13:07 < Southern_Gentlem> after the initual setup
13:08 < Southern_Gentlem> as soon as i can i will talk to them
13:08 < iWolf> Cool!  Here's a link for the AmbassadorVendor page:
13:08 < iWolf> As for the cafepress t-shirt, it was pretty bad!
13:09 < Southern_Gentlem> being in Sci-fi cons has its advantages
13:09 < Southern_Gentlem> yep
13:09 < iWolf> The colors were pretty horrific (and I don't have a great eye for color) and the front logo was a touch off in alignment and smudged on the corner.  I put pics here:
13:09 < iWolf>
13:09 < iWolf> Let us know what you find out from your T-shirt guy.  The online orders after an initial order sounds pretty cool.
13:10 < iWolf> Anyways, I have pretty much ruled cafrepress out.  They were that bad.
13:10 < iWolf> So I touched base with spreadshirt this week and will be ordering a shirt through them once I get the logo uploaded.
13:11 < iWolf> I've heard good things about them, both on the Pros and Cons page, in my blog post and from the French Ambassadors.
13:11 < iWolf> So I have higher expectations from them.  Though their selection of products is not as good.
13:11 < iWolf> So we couldn't get posters made from them at this time.
13:11 < iWolf> Today is also the last day to post pros and cons to the potential vendor page.
13:12 < iWolf> Of course its a wiki, so we won't be stopping them, but comments might not be read...
13:13 -!- rharrison [n=rharriso@nat/cisco/x-406daa78ea246bb2]  has joined #fedora-mktg
13:13 < iWolf> At this point, if the spreadshirt t-shirt comes back looking good, then I will most likely present that as the suggestion to Max.  That we go with spreadshirt.  If later down the road we change our minds we can always change things around, but I am anxious to get this task rolling.
13:13 < iWolf> That just hinges on my ordering a tst T-shirt from them.
13:13 < Southern_Gentlem> +1
13:14 < iWolf> The only other open item is the mockup of the store.fp.o page.
13:14 < EvilBob> Sorry got distracted
13:14 < iWolf> So far it has been like pulling teeth to get someone to do a mockup, despite having a couple artists on our participant list.
13:14 < iWolf> So I figure i am either not asking for help well, or people aren't into designing before we have the 3rd party store selected.
13:15 < iWolf> I am hoping its the latter.
13:15 < iWolf> And that's where we are at today.
13:15 < iWolf> Anyone have questions or input?
13:16 < EvilBob> iWolf: not sure what the deal is with design stuff, I needed a simple icon, waited a bit and designed it my self, was quicker to learn to use inkscape...
13:16 < Southern_Gentlem> sounds like we have things moving in the right direction
13:17 -!- stickster_afk is now known as stickster
13:17 < Southern_Gentlem> howdy Boss
13:17 < iWolf> EvilBob: Yeah, that's my fallback plan.  People really don't want me designing a web page, but I will if I have to!  I am sure we will have plenty of people coming out of the woodwork to critique my artistic skills then!
13:17 < iWolf> Southern_Gentlem: and I agree, the pace has been slow, but I think we are making progress forward.
13:18 -!- cwickert []  has joined #fedora-mktg
13:18 < Southern_Gentlem> iWolf,  time to talk to ricky i think
13:19 < EvilBob> OK I am away
13:19 < iWolf> yeah, he's made some suggestions so far (i.e. where to post for more help) and so far nothing has come from it.  I do hope its because people are wanting us to choose a 3rd party vendor first.
13:19 < iWolf> EvilBob: thanks for coming!
13:21 < iWolf> Well.  I think that's all I have.  So if no one has anything else, we'll call it a meeting!
13:21 < Southern_Gentlem> iwolf slow progress is better than no progress
13:22 < iWolf> Southern_Gentlem: I agree with that!
13:22 < iWolf> Southern_Gentlem: thanks for coming today!
13:22 < iWolf> ============  Meeting Adjourned  ================