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Welcome to the Fedora Trusted Computing Project!

The Trusted Computing Project provides a collaboration area for interested parties with trusted computing requirements to discuss their needs with developers as well as hardware and software partners. Areas of interest would include but not be limited to the use of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), trusted boot, trusted hypervisors, and other areas that insure the integrity of the computing system from the hardware on up. As part of the community, interested parties would provide real world use cases of where trusted computing technologies would be useful. Developers with help from partners would prove them out in Fedora where applicable. And then interested parties would test out the efforts from the developers to ensure it meets their needs. Once proven out in Fedora, enterprise-grade distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and others could convert these efforts into commercially supportable open source offerings. The desired end result is the embodiment of truly secure and useful trusted computing capabilities based upon real world requirements.

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