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This list should not be considered 100% accurate yet as some items that are being considered "OK" due to higher version, might cause errors. And vice-versa, items with lower versions may work perfectly fine.

Package Name Required Version Version in Rawhide Status
mr.developer 1.14
plone.recipe.alltests 1.2
plone.recipe.zope2instance 4.0b1
plone.recipe.zeoserver 1.1a2
setuptools 0.6c11
z3c.coverage 1.1.3
Markdown 1.7
PIL 1.1.6
Unidecode 0.04.1
argparse 1.1
elementtree 1.2.7-20070827-preview
feedparser 4.1
python-openid 2.2.4
roman 1.4.0
simplejson 2.0.9
Plone 4.0b4
Products.ATContentTypes 2.0b10
Products.ATReferenceBrowserWidget 3.0a1
Products.Archetypes 1.6b10
Products.CMFActionIcons 2.1.3-beta2
Products.CMFCalendar 2.2.0
Products.CMFCore 2.2.1
Products.CMFDefault 2.2.0
Products.CMFDiffTool 2.0b3
Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI 4.0b1
Products.CMFEditions 2.0b8
Products.CMFFormController 3.0a1
Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow 1.5b4
Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool 3.0b3
Products.CMFTestCase 0.9.9
Products.CMFTopic 2.2.0
Products.CMFUid 2.2.0
Products.contentmigration 2.0a3
Products.DCWorkflow 2.2.0
Products.ExtendedPathIndex 2.8
Products.ExternalEditor 1.0a2
Products.GenericSetup 1.6.0
Products.Marshall 2.0b2
Products.MimetypesRegistry 2.0b1
Products.PasswordResetTool 2.0b7
Products.PlacelessTranslationService 2.0b5
Products.PloneLanguageTool 3.0.5
Products.PlonePAS 4.0b9
Products.PloneTestCase 0.9.9
Products.PluggableAuthService 1.7.0
Products.PluginRegistry 1.2
Products.PortalTransforms 2.0b5
Products.ResourceRegistries 2.0b4
Products.SecureMailHost 1.1.2
Products.TinyMCE 1.1rc12
Products.ZopeVersionControl 1.1a1
Products.i18ntestcase 1.2
Products.kupu 1.4.16
Products.statusmessages 4.0b1
Products.validation 2.0b1
archetypes.kss 1.6.0b1
archetypes.referencebrowserwidget 2.0b4
archetypes.schemaextender 1.6
borg.localrole 3.0a1
collective.monkeypatcher 1.0b2
collective.testcaselayer 1.3
five.customerize 1.0b1
five.localsitemanager 2.0.3
kss.core 1.6.0a3 1.0b17 2.0b5 2.0b2 2.0b3 2.0b7 1.2b2 1.0b7 2.0b5 2.0b1 1.0b10 2.0b2 1.1b3 1.6.0a4 2.0b8 1.3b1 4.0.0b4 2.0b3 2.0b10 1.0.13 1.0b4 1.0b8 2.0b5 2.0b3 2.0b2
plone.browserlayer 1.0.1
plone.contentrules 1.1.0
plone.fieldsets 1.0.3
plone.folder 1.0b5
plone.i18n 1.1b1
plone.indexer 1.0rc2
plone.intelligenttext 1.0.3
plone.keyring 2.0a1
plone.locking 1.2.0
plone.memoize 1.1b1
plone.openid 1.2
plone.portlet.collection 1.1.3
plone.portlet.static 2.0b2
plone.portlets 2.0b2
plone.protect 2.0a1
plone.reload 1.3
plone.scale 1.0
plone.session 3.0b4
plone.stringinterp 1.0b1
plone.theme 2.0b2
plonetheme.classic 1.0b4
plonetheme.sunburst 1.0b7
wicked 1.1.8alpha1
z3c.autoinclude 0.3.2
zope.ramcache 1.0