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<mattf> morning tim

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<tstclair> morning mattf

<mattf> who's here for the big data sig meeting?

* rsquared raises his hand

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<gil__> hi

<tstclair> Morning gil__

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<tstclair> Morning Folks, I figured I would collect a list of agenda items: 1.) Status 2.) Issues / Blockers 3.) Feel free to add to the list.

<samkottler> tstclair: do we want to use meetbot?

<mattf> samkottler, good idea

<mattf> first meeting hiccups

<tstclair> samkottler, 1st time doing this..

<gil__> tstclair: +1

<samkottler> tstclair: hehe no worries :)

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<samkottler> tstclair: is a good intro

<tstclair> I thought this channel was always recorded according to the docs.

<tstclair> I think we can figure out logistics for next round.

<tstclair> So current question: is up to date? And are there other items that folks thave been looking into?

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<tstclair> witlessb, <tstclair> So current question: is up to date? And are there other items that folks thave been looking into?

<mattf> gil__, i added solr to the packaging list when you announced it on the mailing list, fyi

<gil__> ok

<mattf> tstclair, it's up2date wrt what i'm working on

<tstclair> To give a brief synopsis: I've submitted curator and updated tachyon to build against the latest 0.4.0 branch. There were several issues in testing and I have to patches that hack around the issues and opened tickets upstream .

<tstclair> Are there any new developments that are not on the list?

<gil__> ... again some BR from finish to review....


<tstclair> besser82, witlessb, rsquared, pmackinn any updates / issues ?



<rsquared> Developments as in new bits being packaged or updates on existing packages?

<mizdebsk> i'm trying to find time to work on better Ivy integration, which should improve packaging of some applications (Scala stuff and others) </nowiki>

randomuser` rbergeron rdieter robyduck roshi rsquared

<tstclair> rsquared, both.

<besser82> tstclair: actually no issues / updates from me...

<pmackinn> tstclair, nothing here

<witlessb> tstclair: none from me

<tstclair> mizdebsk, I'm sure pmackinn and willb would be interested there.

<mattf> tstclair, did zookeeper get settled?

<rsquared> hadoop 2.2.0 in F20 has a minor issue with the hadoop-common testing jar/pom. It's misnamed. I've got a fix I can spin if it's blocking anyone.

<tstclair> I took ownership, I'm heavily dependent..

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<tstclair> both tachyon and mesos require. </nowiki>

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<tstclair> mattf, ^

<mattf> gotcha

<tstclair> are some of our friends from IBM in the audience?

<rsquared> masta: FYI, guava update coming in rawhide

<mizdebsk> i'll work on guava next week

<gil__> lucene-spatial

<tstclair> Second Item: Are there any issues folks are blocked on or need assistance with.

<tstclair> ?

<mattf> i'm not blocked

<gil__> lucene-analysis-morfologik

<tstclair> I'll follow up with willb tomorrow, but I know there were issues with scala and sbt.

<gil__> solr core

<pmackinn> tstclair, to start, fpc exception request filed

<rsquared> hadoop-2.2.0 is currently blocked in rawhide by bz1023116. mizdebsk knows about it and is looking into it

<mattf> gil__, will you add those to the packages in review or to the review tracker?

<gil__> just the 1^

<gil__> ops

<tstclair> I have no blockers.

<tstclair> Item 3: Any new developments in the BIG-DATA ecosystem that are worth watching?

<tstclair> I've seen a lot of new ML coming into the works, no clear leaders.

<gil__> i have only a problem with solr contib module:

<tstclair> A lot of stuff based on Spark 0.8+

<rsquared> HBase has a few dependencies awaiting review and I need to submit the jamon packages as well.

<rsquared> HBase itself is compiling but need eval of test suite

<mattf> at hadoop world this week i had a discussion and the topic of data nucleus came up. turns out it's something the community would like to get rid of.

<gil__> clustering require carrot2-mini-3.8.0 (this one depend with non-free mahout-math-0.6)

<rsquared> pmackinn: I'm sure you're glad to hear that about data nucleus

<pmackinn> i will eagerly follow upstream's lead in this regard

<mattf> ok, i'll give it a few days and see what shakes out

<tstclair> Is jline2 an issue for anyone, I have not dug in there.

<gil__> +1

<mizdebsk> jline stuff should be no problem, there is either 1.x or 2.x to choose from

<rsquared> I'm not sure how much jline is used in hadoop, but I am expecting jline 2 to cause a problem. Unsure if I'll need to rely on the compat package

<tstclair> mizdebsk, for now... I thought that there was the intention of deprecating.

<rsquared> tstclair: There's also netty and guava changes coming

<rsquared> I expect both to be an issue for hadoop

<mizdebsk> ideally, yes, i can't say much, but i've ported 2 packages to jline 2.10 and this was just a simple namespace change

<tstclair> do we need compat packages?

<gil__> netty breaks some thing also on gradle

<mizdebsk> for guava, i'll investigate

<mizdebsk> netty already has a compat package (netty31), netty will be updated to 4.x

<tstclair> rsquared, ^

<gil__> for gradle netty31 is unusable

<rsquared> The maintainer of netty said he doesn't plan to maintain a compat package

<mizdebsk> rsquared: i am maintainer of netty and there already is a compat package

<tstclair> well don't they usually hang on until the deps transition?

<gil__> littleproxy is the library which caause the problem with gradle/netty

<rsquared> mizdebsk: who is Jon VanAlten then? He sent the e-mails about the new netty and said he didn't plan to maintain a compat version

<mizdebsk> tstclair: of course, for reasonable time, but i cannot wait for months

<mizdebsk> rsquared: he is a comaintainer

<rsquared> hadoop uses the current netty (3.6). Not sure if 3.1 will work. Is there need/plan for a netty 3.6 compat package?

<gil__> newer littleproxy required some libraries wich dont work and dont compile under java7

<tstclair> mizdebsk, what is a reasonable time?


<mizdebsk> tstclair: depends on the case, if i can see there are difficulties and there is some progress, i can wait

<gil__> Java wrapper for native C++ UDT protocol require also for build native libraries

<mizdebsk> otherwise i'm updating; maintainers of dependant packages can always fork the old version and convert it to compat package

<gil__> org.codeswarm:maven-nar-plugin:20121119 which is not compatible with our surefire version

<rsquared> gil__: Is gradle planning to be dropped?

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<gil__> yes

<gil__> rsquared: there are too many problems with gradle at the moment

<gil__> asm conflict

<gil__> newer eclipse aether apis

<rsquared> mizdebsk: What's the typical timeline line for updates like these? If a package breaks in rawhide because of a dep update is there a problem so long as it's fixed by next release cycle?

<gil__> please mizdebsk,remember if i've forgotten something...

<mizdebsk> rsquared: according to the policy, announce 1 week in advance and then you can update

<mizdebsk> (that's why i wait with guava for next week)

<rsquared> mizdebsk: What about the packages that are broken by the update? What is there time line like?

<mizdebsk> rsquared: that is up to maintainers of dependant packages

<mizdebsk> sometimes they are not fixed for multiple releases

<gil__> barchart-udt java7 problems

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<mizdebsk> gil__: these gradle problems you mentioned are IMO minor

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<masta> rsquared: huh?

<mizdebsk> the biggest 2 problems are version incompatibility and problems with bootstrapping

<mattf> masta, tab-completion fail

* masta guesses that was a tab-completion thing

<masta> =)

<tstclair> Another question which I've not been paying too much attention to, is there going to be a transition to 1.8 in the mid/near term?

<gil__> ah ok is for import latest littleproxy release with netty 4.x support(gradle)

<tstclair> Are there other items folks wanted to discuss...? gil__, mattf, mizdebsk, pmackinn, rsquared , besser82 ?

<mizdebsk> not really

<mattf> let's use the meeting bot next time

<mattf> that's it from me

<tstclair> +1

<pmackinn> no

<gil__> +1

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<rsquared> I've got nothing more

<tstclair> kalev, I will try to summarize some of the items and I have a few open questions and I will email the list.

<tstclair> Thanks everyone!