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This is a summary as a part of the Big Data SIG of efforts in packaging Tachyon.

Packaging details

Building RPM

Status: Currently Builds, and Tests are GREEN

  • Checkout rpm-repo
  • spectool -g tachyon.spec
  • md5sum tachyon-0.4.0-*.tar.gz > sources
  • fedpkg local

Packaging Tasks

  • [DONE] - Package missing dependencies
  • [DONE] - /bin scripts are not presently bundled. Need to sift through and install scripts which directly pertain to tachyon, as some are general purpose wrappers. see email thread
  • [DONE] - Cleanup thrift test failure.
  • [DONE] systemd integration
  • [DONE] Cleanup ENV & config to use standard locations. From what I gather thus far it implies it's own directory structure so we will need to ENV & check settings such that it plays nicely on the system.
  • [DONE] Submit patches for modifications to scripts for system integration
  • [DONE] Eval against current hadoop installation.

Special thanks

Many thanks to gil for his packaging efforts!