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Source String Contextualizing Group is a SIG group of Fedora contributors working to make translators' life easy by providing relevant context and translator's comment to the source strings of Fedora application user interfaces.


Our mission is to provide meaningful descriptions of the source strings for translators to ensure the correctness and quality of the translations. Thus facilitating good end user experience of the localized Fedora applications.


  • Identify the applications in which the source strings need context and/or translator's comments.
  • Contact the developer of the concerned application and take his approval for contextualizing his application.
  • Prepare the list of strings that actually require the context and/or translator's comments.
  • Study the application to understand the usage of identified strings.
  • Edit the source code to add the necessary context and/or translator's comments for the strings.
  • Send the patch to the concerned developer to get it included in the application.


  • To ensure that the correct meaning of source strings are conveyed to the translators, thus the quality of translation is not compromised.
  • To improve the user experience of the localised applications.
  • To increase the popularity of the localized Fedora desktop.



Reach us

  • IRC channel
#fedora-sscg on Freenode
  • Mailing List