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Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

My name is Sankarshan and welcome to my Fedora Page.

I usually hang out on various IRC channels including #fedora-india on freenode with the nickname sankarshan_ and sometimes as sankarshan. I currently work at Red Hat and am based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka. If you are interested in my profile, please visit this page


What am I up to ?

I am one of the Fedora Ambassadors from India. Additionally, I do a bit of translations for the bn_IN (Bengali India) locale.

I have recently begun writing the Ambassadors Beat for FWN

You can use to get in touch with me.

For quite sometime now I have been providing hosting space for which we call Planet FLOSS India and blog at I am interested in both FLOSS in education as well as FLOSS for education and keep on rambling at various BoF on the same.

I am married to User:Runab who is at the Wikimedia Foundation

Contributors to Fedora from India

This page has a somewhat reasonably updated list of the contributors to The Fedora Project from India

Ambassadors from India

This page has a somewhat reasonably updated list of the Ambassadors from India

Frequently Asked Questions

I maintain the pages here (General FAQ) and here (Event Specific FAQ) about questions that I get asked frequently. Please take a look at them. I try to keep them updated frequently, if you have a question that you feel is not being covered by them please write to sankarshan at fedoraproject dot org.

The quickest route to getting your queries answered is raising a ticket on the Fedora India Trac instance.