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This page lists the software tools available in Fedora Scientific, in addition to the ones available in the Fedora KDE Spin. This list is not exhaustive. To see all that are included in the spin, you can see the Kickstart file here

(Refer: Scientific_Spin)

Scientific and Numerical Computing Tools/Environments

Name Functionality Homepage
gsl GNU Scientific Library
maxima (with wxMaxima) Computer Algebra System
GNU Octave (with QtOctave frontend) Numerical Computation Package
matplotlib Python plotting library
SciPy Scientific tools for Python
SpeedCrunch Fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator
GNU Units Scale converter
Spyder Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment
Root Data Analysis
R (with Rkward) Statistical Computing and Graphics

Generic Programming and Development Tools/Libraries

Name Functionality Homepage
C/C++ tools (gcc, autotools, flex, bison, strace,ddd, valgrind..) Tools for C/C++ development and others.
GNU Fortran Fortran Compiler
Java Development tools Java compilers/interprters
Eclipse IDE IDE for C/C++/Java/PHP/Groovy..

Parallel and Distributed Programming Tools/Libraries

Name Functionality Homepage
OpenMP Shared memory C/C++ programming
OpenMPI Open Source MPI implementation
PVM Parallel Virtual Machine
Torque Batch jobs processing/Resource manager Homepage

Editing, Plotting, Drawing and Visualization

Name Functionality Homepage
Texmaker LaTex Editor
Kile TeX/LaTeX editor for the KDE
Lyx The Document Processor
Scribus Layout and Publishing
Inkscape Vector graphics editor
ScITE Text Editor
Xfig (including programs for working with fig files) Drawing program
gnuplot Plotting Program
Dia Drawing program
GGobi Data Visualization
G3DATA Extracting data from graphs
GIMP Image processing
Mayavi 3-D Visualization

Version Control/Backup tools and Document Managers

Name Functionality Homepage
Git (with GUI) Distributed Version control
SVN (RapidSVN) Subversion Version Control
Mercurial Mercurial Version Control system
backintime(with GUI) Backup tool
pdfshuffler PDF manager Homepage
BibTool Bibliography manager Homepage


Name Functionality Homepage
hevea LaTex to HTML translator
IPython (including IPython notebook) Productive Interactive Computing
GNU Screen Terminal Multiplexer

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